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A monthly newsletter of the highest reaches of the Tibetan Plateau

April 2017

Welcome to another Flight of the Khyung as we journey to uncover the secrets of ancient Tibet! Many of the places and things highlighted in these newsletters have been forgotten for 1000 years or more, this month’s issue being no …

March 2007

Sitting and Running
The expedition season is set to start. Soon I shall turn my attention to logistical organization, negotiations, and the challenges and joys of living on the road. I am still very much spurred on by the prospect of …

February 2007

Flight of the Khyung
Wintertime Wonder
Another month has gone by and I am back at my desk with a full array of research materials around me. During my recent trip to the Library of Congress I collected all the references needed …

January 2007

Flight of the Khyung
Happy New Year! May 2007 bring all readers of Flight of the Khyung much happiness and understanding. May you soar high and unencumbered just like the khyung bird of ancient Zhang Zhung. Off to …

December 2006

Diverging Views, the Seminar on Tibetan History
Recently, the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, Dharamsala, hosted a two day academic conference, the Seminar on Tibetan History. A scholar from the Bon monastery in Dolanji and I were …

November 2006

Menri Monastery Road Trip
At the end of October, I made an excursion to Menri Monastery, the chief Bon religious center in exile. It’s a long drive but well worth the time and effort. I happily passed three days at Menri, …

October 2006

Writing, Walking and Flying
Another month has slipped past with much of it at my desk editing and adding bits to my new book manuscript Antiquities of High Tibet. I did have to slip away to Singapore at the …

September 2006

Kathmandu, the hub of the Himalaya
It has been a busy last month. Since authoring my first issue of Flight of the Khyung in Nepal, I have been to two other countries. As always, my time in the Kathmandu …

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