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February 2010

Ringing in the Year of the Iron Tiger
Flight of the Khyung sends you best wishes for the Tibetan Year of the Iron Tiger! Iron Tiger years are traditionally believed to be a time of decisive action, hard choices and unstoppable …

January 2010

The Flight of the Khyung wishes you all a very happy New Year! This month the horned eagle trails the sun as its path rises higher in the northern hemisphere. The so-called Farmers’ New Year or bSod-nams Lo-gsar of the …

December 2009

To generate or not to generate carbon emissions
This month, Flight of the Khyung tracks the gods of Tibet as they make their presence felt here on earth. It is getting cold up here in the Himalaya. Either you use …

November 2009

The ‘God’ Men and Women of Upper Tibet
Tracking the sun as it bends low in the northern hemisphere Flight of the Khyung goes on yet another adventure in Tibet. This month’s issue focuses on the spirit-mediums or shamans of …