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October 2011

The latest in Tibetan archaeology
This month’s Flight of the Khyung returns to the International Conference on the Prehistory of the Tibetan Plateau, held between August 21 and August 24 in …

September 2011

The big event in Chengdu, China
This month’s Flight of the Khyung buzzes in and out of Tibet to provide readers with news from a recent archaeological conference in Chengdu, Sichuan. …

December 2006

Diverging Views, the Seminar on Tibetan History
Recently, the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, Dharamsala, hosted a two day academic conference, the Seminar on Tibetan History. A …

September 2006

Kathmandu, the hub of the Himalaya
It has been a busy last month. Since authoring my first issue of Flight of the Khyung in Nepal, I have been to …